Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shameful snacking

I had to get a Snickers bar.  I usually get Twix (there were none left) and feel less ashamed about it.  First of all, I thoroughly dislike the taste of Snickers, whereas I truly enjoy consumption of both Twix bars, usually within 10 minutes of purchase.  Second, Snickers is the epitome of instant gratification, lack of self control, embarrassing behavior (particularly because of #1- I hate Snickers).  

“Hungry, why wait?”  Well, because if you wait you can get yourself a healthy snack.  Perhaps an apple or some peanuts not drenched in chemically processed caramel, nougat and low quality chocolate.  Maybe a granola bar or cup of yogurt.  Something that doesn't fall out of a brightly lit machine that stands arrogantly in the empty cafeteria, still stinky from the lunch break.  Or at least a Twix.  Getting a Snickers is a statement, a statement I hid up my suit sleeve during the walk of shame back from the vending machine to my office, where I immediately unwrapped the bar and discarded the wrapper, instantly classing up my lapse in judgment.  I devoured the Snickers before my office mate could return to his desk, and discarded a small piece for my homies.