Thursday, October 15, 2009

little pleasures

I bought Kettle chips. Sour cream, onion and chives, and I was undercharged for them. Sounds awesome, right? No. They taste like vomit. And I keep eating them, one chip at a time, hoping they'll taste better- because they must.

But they keep tasting like vomit. I am repeatedly, voluntarily eating someone else’s throw-up. And throw-up will never taste good. It just won’t. That’s why it found its way back up. It wasn’t even worth being converted into…well...excrement.

Is something I ate earlier today making this taste strange? Have I developed a tongue defect, and will all food now taste like it has been rejected by a more discerning palate? Is the bag expired? I'm not familiar with chives- is this what they taste like, garbage? Many questions ran through my mind as I finished off the bag.